ISSX2019 Abstract Review Committee

The Abstract Review Committee is responsible for blind, electronic review of all general poster abstracts as well as the pre- and postdoctoral abstract Poster Awards Competition.

Review Criteria

In reviewing an abstract for the 12th International ISSX Meeting, the following criteria will be addressed:

  1. Is the work appropriate for the ISSX Meeting?

    The abstract should be complete and the information contained should represent the high quality expected of abstracts accepted for ISSX meetings. The reviewer is asked to ensure that the material presented is accurate and that the statements and analyses made are correct and logically consistent.

  2. Is the work important to the ISSX community?

    The abstract should present information which is useful to other xenobiotic researchers, whether they be faculty, industry colleagues, or students.

  3. Is the work original?

    Abstracts accepted for the meeting must be previously unpublished.

Committee Members

The Abstract Review Committee includes members of the 12th International ISSX Meeting Organizing Committee and the ISSX Scientific Affairs Committee.

  • Jae Chang, Genentech

  • Ann Daly, Newcastle University

  • Hannah Jones, Pfizer

  • Roos Masereeuw, Utrecht University

  • Scott Obach, Pfizer

  • Bhagwat Prasad, University of Washington

  • Ylva Terelius, ADMEYT AB

  • Donald Tweedie, Merck

  • Kouichi Yoshinari, University of Shizuoka

  • Mike Zientek, Takeda