Ancillary Meetings

Companies and non-profit organizations that are supporters (exhibitors, corporate supporters, sponsors, or meeting attendees) of ISSX may apply to hold ancillary events during the 12th International ISSX Meeting.

Space Assignments

ISSX will assign meeting space on a first-come, first-served basis. Permissible ancillary events include:

Internal Sales/Business/Staff Meeting

  • Purpose - Internal sales, business, or staff meetings of exhibitors who are at the ISSX meeting.

  • Audience - Limited to no more than 20 participants and closed to meeting attendees.

  • Schedule - Before or after official program hours.

Non-Profit Organization Business Meeting

  • Purpose - To conduct business of the organization.

  • Audience - Limited to no more than 40 participants except by special permission. By invitation only and not publicized (invitation list must be submitted to the meeting organizers).

  • Schedule - Before or after official program hours.

Industry Scientific Update (ISU)

  • Purpose - Investigator/consultant updates, advisory board meeting, roundtables.

  • Audience - Limited to no more than 50 participants and by invitation only. Investigators involved in conducting research for the company and individuals who have provided consultation for the company are appropriate; prospective investigators and consultants are not appropriate.

  • Schedule - Before or after official program hours.

Guidelines and Approval Process

Entertainment, meetings, or similar activities will not be permitted in hotel rooms or other private or public facilities during hours that conflict with ISSX sponsored activities. Neither the contracted hotels nor the Oregon Convention Center will reserve meeting rooms/function space for any group during the meeting dates without prior approval of the meeting organizers.

In order to obtain meeting space, all ancillary meeting requests must be submitted via our online form.  

Ancillary Meeting Request Approval Process - Function space will only be provided to those companies and non-profit organizations that are supporters of the meeting (exhibitors, corporate supporters, sponsors, or attendees). 

Please specify your meeting and function space needs on the Ancillary Meeting Request Form.  Meeting space is provided complimentary for all approved ancillary meetings on a space available basis. If your event is at another hotel property, you must contact that hotel directly for space once you receive written approval from the meeting organizers. 

Notifications will be sent via e-mail within three weeks of receipt of form. If your meeting is approved, you will also be contacted by the hotel to discuss your meeting logistics and room assignment. 

Logistics and Approved Times -The organizer is responsible for all costs associated with the ancillary meeting, including food & beverage, audio-visual, equipment service, music license fees, hotel labor costs, etc.

Events cannot conflict with ISSX sponsored functions or sessions. No exceptions will be made. 

Changes in attendance estimates that fit within the assigned space may be accepted by the hotel, but any changes in date and/or time must first be authorized by ISSX. The ancillary meeting organizers are responsible for providing the hotel with specifics with regard to room set, A/V, guarantees, and food and beverage requirements. 

Ancillary meeting programs are not developed, sponsored, or planned by the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics. Any promotional materials developed for an ancillary meeting must clearly state that this is not an official part of the ISSX meeting.

ISSX prohibits the distribution of ancillary meeting announcements or promotional materials within the convention center or hotel. In addition, hotel room drops (door drops) are strictly prohibited. 

The ISSX name and logo may not be used in any mailing pieces, signs, advertising, or promotion in any media form or on any descriptive product literature, whether inside or outside the exhibit area. 

Responsibilities of Function Organizer - Although the meeting space is provided on a complimentary basis, the organizer is responsible for all costs associated with the ancillary meeting, including food and beverage, audio/visual, equipment service, music license fees, hotel labor costs, etc. The function organizer will also take full responsibility for the event/meeting and will hold harmless ISSX, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all liability associated with the ancillary meeting. 

If any policies are violated, ISSX reserves the right to cancel the ancillary event at any time. 

Ancillary Meeting Request Form

Please complete the Ancillary Meeting Request Form.