ISSX Awards Program

The ISSX award program was established to recognize excellent scientific and service achievements in the scientific fields covered by the Society.  The call for nominations is now open for the following awards to be presented at the 12th International ISSX Meeting in Portland, Oregon, USA.  The nomination submission deadline is Sunday, 28 April 2019.

ISSX Awards

The R.T. Williams Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award 

Sponsored by Charles Crespi and Family.  Presented to an ISSX member or non-member from any region who has made substantial and seminal scientific contributions to the field over a sustained period. The focus of this award is the individual's scientific accomplishments and it is intended to recognize the best in the field, internationally.  The award will consist of a plaque/medal, an honorarium and travel support, and will be presented along with a lecture once every three years in conjunction with the Society's International Meeting. 

The Frederick J. Di Carlo Distinguished Service Award 

Presented to an ISSX member from any region who has a record of important service to the Society and its goals.  The award will consist of a plaque or medal, honorarium and travel support and will normally be presented in conjunction with the appropriate international meeting.  On occasion, one or two outstanding acts of service will justify the award or a long record of many acts of service without any single outstanding act will be recognized.  Preferably, however, the recipient should have a record of many accomplishments some of which are major.  The award will not be given for future promise, but on the basis of past service.  The President-Elect and President of ISSX will be ineligible for the award for five (5) years after their term of office.

Distinguished Accomplishments in Drug Discovery and Development Award

Presented to an individual or to a team employed in an organization involved in drug discovery and/or development. The award will be presented to an individual or team on the basis of:

(1)  A single high impact scientific accomplishment that dramatically changed practices in the ADME characterization of drugs or drug candidates, or
(2) A sustained body of scientific work that shows high impact on the ADME characterization of drugs.

Award winners can reside in the pharmaceutical industry, CROs, regulatory agencies and not-for-profit organizations involved with drug discovery and development.  This award is not restricted to any global region.

Nomination Requirements

Submit all elements of the nomination package through the Awards Nomination Submission Site by the deadline.

  • Nominations of candidates for the respective ISSX Awards must be made by a member of ISSX but may be seconded by an individual who is not an ISSX-member.

  • A nominating letter to the chairman of the ISSX Awards Committee must be submitted.

  • No less than two and no more than four supporting letters presenting the case for the candidate's nomination must be included in the nomination submission. (The maximum length of each letter should not exceed two pages)

  • A summary document detailing the relevant achievements of the candidate (maximum 2 - 3 pages) is required.

  • Include a curriculum vitae including a bibliography (note bibliography and not biography) of the candidate as well as a high resolution headshot photograph (color preferred) in .jpg format.